Counseling and Psychotherapy facilitate healing, growth, and lasting change.
We offer mindfulness based and solution-focused counseling.  If you have a problem, counseling is meant to help you solve that problem.  Practicing mindfulness brings clarity on the nature and source of our problems as well as the changes needed to resolve the problem.

Psychotherapy (or therapy for short) is often more in-depth than Counseling.  Therapy addresses unresolved, chronic, or recurring patterns. These patterns can present themselves as unhealthy thought processes, feelings, body ailments, or complexes.   Therapy offers a way to process past traumatic events or re-evaluate the roles you take on in your relationships or work life. Psychotherapy looks at what is happening unconsciously by exploring your instincts and drives, dreams, and experiences that continue to show up in your life.

The goal of therapy is healing and wholeness, an integration of all parts of oneself.
Counseling and Therapy both offer relief from the past and an opportunity to re-shape your future.

Learn the Difference between Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Life Coaching (FAQ)

Individual Therapy

As humans we are continuously growing, learning, and healing.  Individual Therapy offers you a safe and sacred space to re-create your life.  Most of our suffering is related to unhealthy conditioning (learning) and traumas (big ones and small ones) that we experience throughout life.  Conditioning comes from what we have learned from family, school, society, and what we “take away” from life events. We also can hold and carry our emotional repsonses to traumatic events, for years.  This has a powerful influence over our emotional state, behaviors, and choices.
Individual Therapy guides you in becoming more aware and letting go of unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and patterns.  This process equips you to make choices that contribute to your happiness.

Our therapists offer specializations in the following areas:

  • Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders
  • Changing Thought Patterns
  • Emotionally and Physically Abusive Relationships
  • Trauma and Sexual Abuse
  • Grief, Transitions
  • Learning to Relax, Self Esteem
  • LGBT Stressors and Support
  • Gender Identity, Gender Dysphoria
  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Relationships
  • Healing from Spiritual and Religious Trauma
  • Spiritual Development
  • Strained Family Relationships
  • Body Image and Embodiment
  • Psychosomatic Symptoms/Illness
  • Life Coaching, Life Satisfaction
  • Law of Attraction and Energy Therapy
  • Codependency, Self-Empowerment, Women’s Issues

Relationship & Marriage Counseling

Relationship counseling increases positive communication and connection between loved ones. At times, experiences from our past create patterns that are no longer helpful in our current relationship. By identifying what your needs are in the relationship, then effectively communicating that to the other person increases the chances of your needs being met.  We work with traditional and non-traditional relationships and families.

Family Counseling

It becomes necessary to counsel the entire family when a problem affects the entire family.  This is even more important when children are affected.  Today’s youth require a certain degree of support. Families are under immense stress.  Family Therapy offers support and guidance for healthy family functioning and more enjoyable relationships.  We teach effective communication and help to heal wounded family dynamics. Life can be difficult and confusing, so family members being there for one another in healthy and supportive ways adds to a life of happiness and harmony.