Energy Therapy addresses energetic patterns.  EVERYTHING is made of energy. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and habits are all energetic vibrations, vibrating at a particular frequency. Your internal vibrational frequency is constantly being reflected back to you from the outside world.  Changing your own energy changes the energy that you attract into your life.

Energy Therapy transforms the vibrational frequency of your energies (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and choices).  Your session will begin with a short meditation, to get out of your head and thinking. This is followed by discussing your goals and any roadblocks you perceive in meeting your goals.  Access Consciousness, Neuro Emotional Technique, Healing Touch, and Matrix Energetics are some energetic modalities used to realign energies to support your new goals (instead of old, unconscious, unhelpful patterns).  Energy Therapy is often performed with the client’s eyes closed, in a meditative state, while the practitioner works with the energy of the client by holding their hands in specific spots over the body (usually not touching the physical body).

Energy Therapy aims to:

  • Cleanse the energetic channels of the body and mind
  • Receive lighter, higher vibrational energies
  • Rearrange or realign energetic patterns to support current intentions/goals
  • Teach the concepts of energy so they can be implemented into everyday life