How do I schedule an appointment?

Call, email, or fill out the form anywhere on our site.  We will contact you to answer your questions. If at the end of that call or email, you feel you want to work with us, we will make an appointment that fits your needs and schedule.

What is the difference between Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Life Coaching?

Counseling and Psychotherapy go hand in hand and often overlap one another.  In general, Counseling is an avenue for resolving current life stressors. Psychotherapy is a more in-depth approach to resolving stressors, exploring the unconscious patterns we have set up within our psyche.  These unconscious patterns are often the result of conditioning. They are very powerful and heavily influence our emotional state, behaviors, and choices. Counseling and Psychotherapy are available to Louisiana residents in our office, over the phone, and online. Our licensing board only allows us to offer Counseling and Psychotherapy to people living within the state we are licensed in, which is Louisiana.  Counseling and Psychotherapy services are often covered by health insurance policies.

Life Coaching is about creating a more satisfying and meaningful life. Life Coaching looks at your life goals and intentions, re-evaluating if your daily choices match up to your priorities.  Life Coaching is very powerful, life-changing work. However, it does not treat mental illness, therefore it is not covered by health insurance. Life Coaching is available to anyone, living anywhere.  We offer Life Coaching sessions in our office, over the phone and online video.

The goal of Counseling, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, and Energy Therapy is inner peace and freedom!   

What is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy addresses energetic patterns.  EVERYTHING is made of energy. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words, and habits are all energetic vibrations, vibrating at a particular frequency.  These vibrations attract other, similar vibrations into your life.

Energy Therapy aims to:

  • Cleanse the energetic channels of the body and mind
  • Bring in lighter, higher vibrational energies
  • Rearrange or realign energetic patterns to support intentions/goals
  • Teach the concepts of energy so they can be used in everyday life       
  • Link to more detailed description

What is the cost?

The session fees range from $80 to $130 per session.  Fees for Counseling/Therapy, Life Coaching, and Energy Therapy depend on the therapist, not the service.  If we file Counseling/Therapy sessions with your health insurance, then your cost depends on the details of your policy.    

Allison Saltzman, LPC session rates…$130

Janice Weber, PLPC, PhD, CFLE, CFCS session rates…$100

Rebecca Bowers, MA, PLPC session rates…$80

Health Insurance often covers in-person Counseling/Psychotherapy sessions.  Sometimes health insurance covers telehealth (phone and online video) Counseling/Psychotherapy sessions.  Insurance companies require that the client reside in the state where the therapist is licensed (Louisiana).  This applies to in-person and telehealth sessions.

There are no residential restrictions for Life Coaching or Energy Therapy.

What if I am too busy?

No problem, we can do sessions via phone or video.  If your responsibilities leave little time to drive to an in-person appointment, phone and video sessions from your home or office are just as effective.   

Counseling/Therapy can be done via phone or online video for Louisiana residents only.

Life Coaching can be done via phone or online video for anyone, living anywhere.

Some Energy Therapy modalities can be done via phone or online video for anyone, living anywhere.