We are constantly presented with new information…the news, Facebook posts, requirements of our work or education, the needs of our family and friends, even the constant chatter of our thinking. We are over-stimulated. As a result, we are unable to hear inner guidance. We make decisions based on external factors without consulting the wisdom within.

Intuition is our best human instinct. A beautiful definition can be found in Women Who Run with the Wolves, “The intuitive nature carries the ability to measure things at a glance, to weigh in an instant, to clear off debris around an idea, and to name the essence of the thing…”   

How connected or disconnected are we to this most valuable tool?

There is a need for internal housekeeping, clearing the inner space. We must regularly clean up, get rid of the excess, discard that which is no longer needed. Give everything we deem important in a proper place. We need to develop the skill of discernment between thought and intuition. Often, our thoughts are louder than the deeper voice of intuition. Thinking is the voice in the head. A thought is just a thought, nothing more. Thoughts can often be negative and unhelpful. 

Relevance is an important factor in our thinking as well as information presented from the outside world.

  • How relevant is this thought or information to the living moment?
  • Does this add to or take away from my life?
  • We must also consider our conditioning.
  • What have I been taught to do with the information?
  • Am I conditioned to entertain everything that is presented to me?
  • Do I give myself time when I am not being stimulated?

Intuition is an inner knowing,
a truth.  

Your intuition is already there. You just need to pull away from everything that covers it up…negative thinking, the noise of the world, what others want or expect from you.

  • This means setting boundaries with what comes at us,
  • Change the thinking patterns that are unhelpful to you,  
  • Unplug from the constant stream of information,  
  • Be in nature, connect to your natural self,  
  • Fully experience moments by being 100% present,  
  • Feel awe at the sight of a stunning sunset or a hummingbird that zooms by,
  • Connect with the people in your life. 

The point is to practice, not to get it perfect. You will get better at it. It will become more natural.  

Clarissa Pinkola Estes encourages us in Women Who Run with the Wolves to “…feed the deep intuitive self by listening to it and acting upon its advice.”

I urge you to experiment, listen to your intuition. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is the only way to get to know your intuition and how it differs from thinking and external influences. You will come to know how your body feels when you hear intuition. The nature and characteristics of this voice will become clearer. You will come to trust its guidance.